About Us


Nailsicle began with a simple idea to empower the modern woman and make her world a better place, even if by just a little. We wanted to do more than help her look pretty. It's our belief that true beauty comes in the form of the confidence she exudes and the control she exerts.

But the modern woman has to divide her time. Clothes, hair and face take up her mornings. Work and cafes in the afternoons. Evenings and weekends are for gym and dates. Nights? Shopping online, of course. We wanted to help her stay gorgeous and feel awesome throughout. 

Our obsession with having beautiful nails started young. We began with plain nail polishes in elementary school, but soon found that, unless you are ambidextrous, one hand will always look less pretty than the other. As we grew, we experimented with tools such as mini nail stickers, stamping sets, art brushes, nail crystals, and more. We loved what they can do but hated the hassle that came with creating pretty nail art.

Then came our visits to manicure salons. We went crazy over what the professionals did to our nails, especially the unique designs created just for us. For a while we wore our manicured nails proudly. But the frequent salon trips quickly took a toll on our purses and schedules. We can't afford to spend all that time and money!

Like most people probably, we are conscious of how we look and what we wear. Even when we put on our best dresses, shoes, bags and accessories, the whole look feels incomplete unless accompanied by a set of beautiful look nails. We tell ourselves that our fingers are the final frontier in fashion.

We needed a better way to dress up our nails nicely and quickly. Nail wraps became the natural and ideal solution. We looked around the world but couldn't satisfy ourselves with a nail wrap that looks pretty, is easy to apply and lasts long without chipping.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and see if we can indeed make a difference to the modern woman's world.

Armed with a pencil and drawing board, we started designing our first nail wraps in 2015. Since then, it has been an enriching journey of discovery, to find the right polish inks, printing methods, quality control and more.

Finally, in 2018, we were ready to launch with our first collection. We're really excited!

Today, Nailsicle is leading a movement to bring individually crafted nail art to fingertips. Our works are inspired by a fashion-infused design philosophy.

Our nail wraps are made from layers of real nail polish that is suitable for all nail types. No top coat is needed. Gives a professional-look manicure instantly. Designed with your convenience in mind. No more drying time.

Each wrap contains a specially formulated adhesive that can last up to 14 days.

Join our bandwagon today. Adorn your nails with wearable art that speaks your personality and mood.