How to Apply


(1) Remove clear cover 

Remove the nail wraps from the sealed vacuum packaging. You will find a top transparent layer covering the nail wraps. Gently peel off this protective cover to expose the nail wraps.


(2) Choose nail wrap size

Slide your finger along to find the size that best matches your nail, bearing in mind the natural curvature of our nails. If you can't find the inch-perfect fit, don't worry! Our nail wraps allow a little stretching, so go for a slightly smaller size and stretch it to cover your nail.


(3) Peel off nail wrap

Slowly pull out the chosen nail wrap from the base cover. The bottom of each nail wrap is the base, and it should be attached to your cuticle end.


(4) Align and paste evenly on nail

Position onto nail by carefully aligning with the cuticle, then press the nail wrap smoothly towards the nail tip. If bubbles, creases or wrinkles arise right after you have pasted the nail wrap, slowly peel the nail wrap off until you reach the problem spots, then give the nail wrap a soft stretch and re-attach it onto your nail.


(5) File away excess from nail tip

Fold down excess nail wrap over your nail tip. Using a nail file, remove the excess nail wrap by filing in a downwards direction that is perpendicular to your nail tip. And voila, you now have awesomely manicured nails!