What are nail wraps?

Nail wraps are essentially nail stickers that can be conveniently pasted over your nails, giving them a fresh-look design as often as you like. Our nail wraps are made from real nail polish so your nails look as natural as they can be. Plus, the ingredients are absolutely safe for your hands.


How do I put on nail wraps?

Application is easy! Simply choose the correct size, peel if off and paste it evenly over your nail. Fold down and file away the excess nail wrap (note: nail file is not provided). Once you are familiar, putting on nail wraps for all your fingers shouldn't take more than 10 mins. No drying time is needed!

Oh, we have a complete how-to guide here.


How many nail wraps are there in each set?

Each Nailsicle set comes with 20 nail wraps in 10 different sizes. There are large wraps to fit your thumbs and smaller ones for the pinkies. Don't throw away the unused wraps yet, as you can mix-and-match them with other designs for the next use.


Can I apply nail wraps in the opposite orientation?

Most of our designs are drawn up with a fixed orientation in mind. If you hold up the 20 nail wraps with the larger thumb sizes to the left, you will be looking at the "correct" orientation. The bottom of each nail wrap is the base, and it should be attached to your cuticle end.

But our nail wraps work in the opposite orientation too! Rather than attaching the base, you can stick the tip of our nail wraps to your cuticle end. Then fold down and file the base off your finger.

In short, anything works!


What if I can't find a size that fits?

Our nail wraps allow a little stretching, so the easiest way is to go for a slightly smaller size and stretch it to cover your nail. You may still see a little gap around the edges, but our nail wraps will proudly outshine them!

If you're really annoyed by the gaps, then find the best fitting size that is a little larger than your nail. Apply the nail wrap as per normal, and use a cuticle cutter to trim the excess away.

Or, you can also pre-trim the nail wrap using scissors to the desired size first, before peeling it off and applying to your nail.


How do I remove those bubbles and wrinkles right after application?

If bubbles, creases or wrinkles arise right after you have pasted the nail wrap, fret not! Slowly peel the nail wrap off until you reach the problem spots, then give the nail wrap a soft stretch and re-attach it onto your nail.


How can I ensure the nail wraps stick on my nails?

Our nail wraps attach best to clean, dry nails. So we recommend washing your hands with a nice hand soap first. Dry your nails thoroughly before applying.

Hand creams, cuticle oils and similar products will affect adhesion. They can of course still be used, after you have applied the nail wraps.

Nail wraps lose a bit of their adhesive power once you peel them off your nails, eg. when you remove bubbles and wrinkles, or adjust for alignment. If a nail wrap doesn't seem to stick after being peeled off many times, please use a new piece.


What are nail wraps made of?

There's a long list of ingredients that goes into making our nail wraps. In short, layers of nail polish inks are printed via different methods over a specially formulated adhesive, to produce the patterns and colours that are unique to each design.

The list of ingredients can be found on our packaging, but we highlight that our nail wraps do not contain formaldehyde, DBP or toluene.


How long do they last?

Once applied, Nailsicle nail wraps are designed to stick around for 14 days. They may last longer depending on your daily activities.

Without opening the package, our nail wraps can be kept up to 6 months if stored in a cool dry place.


Do I need to apply a top coat?

No top coat is needed. We believe strongly in making our nail wraps convenient and easy to apply. In fact, our nail wraps are treated with a top coat finishing to give that long last and a bit of gloss.


How to remove nail wraps?

We recommend taking a cotton pad soaked with regular nail polish remover, and gently wiping over your nails, just like how you would remove nail polish.

Peeling the nail wraps off directly may damage your nails, as our nail wraps contain a strengthened adhesive to ensure they won't come off when you use the hairdryer or soak in a warm bathtub.




What payment modes can I use?

For credit cards, we take Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We are working to include more types of payment modes to serve you better.


What are the accepted currencies?

We accept all major currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CNY, etc. You can select your desired currency from the drop-down menu located at the top-right corner on Once you have made a selection, the collection pages, product catalogs and shopping cart will be updated instantly.

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There are just too many currencies in the world that we can't support yet. Shout to us here if you wish to see a payment currency that's not included. We will consider to add it in future.


Can I pre-order a design that is sold out?

For now, we don't provide pre-ordering as a service. Except for seasonal collections, our designs are replenished every two to four weeks, so check back often!


How do I apply a discount voucher or gift card?

If you have a discount voucher or gift card, you can add them on the checkout screen. The total price will be updated once your voucher or card is verified.


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Why can't I place an order of more than 40 sets?

That's a huge order making you our very distinguished customer! We want to ensure you receive topnotch service. Please get in touch here or write to us at should you wish to order more than 40 sets in a single purchase.


What if a technical issue occurs during my payment process?

Tell us about it here or write to us at immediately. We will check and advise the status of your order as soon as possible.


Do you have a physical retail store?

Not at the moment. Our business is conducted solely online at


What is your returns policy?

Should you encounter any problems with the received nail wraps, please get in touch here or write to us at within 15 days from the receipt of purchase. You can refer here for our returns policy.




Where do you ship?

We ship to anywhere in the world, except for the usual travel restricted places where our couriers can't go. If you require a special delivery arrangement, please get in touch here or write to


Do I have to pay for shipping?

Happily, no! We offer free worldwide shipping so you don't have to worry about any shipping charges!


What are the delivery times?

Depending on where you are staying, our nail wraps should reach you within 14 working days upon ordering. They usually arrive sooner if you are based in Asia. See here for a list of the estimated delivery times for our most popular countries.


Do you offer express shipping?

Currently no. But we are looking at possible options and depending on demand from customers like yourself, this can be made available in future. Shout to us here if you need such a service!


Can I track my shipment?

For selected orders, you may receive a tracking number. If this is the case, please visit here to track your shipping.

Note that this tracking is limited in scope and may not be applied to every shipment.


What should I do if I did not receive my nail wraps?

For such cases, we will need to investigate with our courier. Tell us about it here or write to us at We promise it won't take much time until we come back to you with an outcome. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


What if the nail wraps are damaged when I receive them?

This usually doesn't happen as we ship all our nail wraps in bubble wrap packaging to prevent damage during delivery. If this happens to your shipment, please tell us here or write to within 15 days from receipt of your purchase. You can refer here for our returns policy. 



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